This play, created by the company Fac-òF is a light and shaeless cabaret that, in a comedy key, reveals the grotesque nature of esthetic violence with a perfect combination of criticism and entertainment.

Premiered in El Maldà from Barcelona, the 30th of November of 2022.


Amor³ (2021-)

This play, created by the company Fac-òF from Shakespeare's sonnets, was selected in the call 20-21 from On el teatre batega, initiative from small theatres in Barcelona and winner of the first edition of the Insomnia Festival.
In Amor³ three characters, three ideas of love, with totally different points of view, coexist in the thoughts of the same person. In this space-time they dream, remember, speculate and argue continually about present, past and futur loves.

Premiered in El Maldà from Barcelona, the 29th of October of 2021.

Variacions (2022)

Theatre play created from the play Desire by Josep Maria Benet Jornet, directed by Jade Maignan and premiered in the National Theater of Catalonia. This play arose from the collaboration between European theaters and European theater schools, wanting to create links between directors and actors from different countries.

The Color Monster (2020-2022)

It’s a play for families, based on the book with the same title written by Anna Llenas. A play full of puppets, music and colors that makes you travel through the different emotions.
National tour in Spain and theater season in Goya Theater in Barcelona and in Cofidis Alcazar Theater in Madrid.

W.I.T.C.H (2019-2020)

It's a play from Cia. Les Fugitives, based on real events, written and directed by Maria Ten. Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (W.I.T.C.H.) was a feminist movement that emerged during the 1960s in New York City.

Christmas Tales of Terror (2019)

It’s a visual theatre play, inspired in the book Christmas Tales of Terror by Chris Priestley, directed by Jakub Maksymow. Mixing the native languages of the different performers (English and Catalan), they use old toys to tell three scary stories linked by a Christmas atmosphere and the spirits it awakens.

With this play they were nominated for the "Audience Award" at the 18th Prague Fringe Festival.